EP 12.0 Writer Bios

Isabel Wallace-Green

Isabel Wallace-Green is an Ailey/Fordham BFA Dance major from Houston, Texas. This essay stemmed from a two-page Op Ed about why students should not have to check a racial category on applications. As a mixed-race American, Isabel has struggled with her racial definition, and this is her favorite piece of writing on account of that personal connection.

Holly Yiping Wang

Yiping Holly Wang grew up in Zhuhai, China. She is currently majoring in Communications. Holly was grateful for the opportunity to write about her sexual identity from the more open environment at Fordham Lincoln Center. While she found the writing process relatively straightforward, she found this story very difficult to revisit.

Erica Messina

Erica Messina was born and raised in northern New Jersey. She has always been fascinated by the power of words, which contributed to her obsession with books and her desire to major in English. She selected Oscar Wilde, one of her literary heroes, as the subject of this essay.

Caroline Shriver

Caroline Shriver is dance major from Maryland. She loves living in New York City because she enjoys exploring other cultures. She wrote this essay for her EP-2 class, “Reality Hunger.” While Caroline hopes to pursue dance after college, she also looks forward to using writing as a vehicle for expression.

Katie Doman

Katie Doman is a Women’s Studies major on the Pre-Med track. She wrote this essay to explore the dichotomy of sexuality and fear in film. She hopes to continue her studies of female objectification in film and literature during her time at Fordham.

Kyoka Millard

Kyoka Millard intends to study English and to double-minor in Fashion Studies and Film. Kyoka is fascinated by the ways in which writing and art can be used to explore cultural and social constructs. These interests led her to study Josephine Baker’s iconic status as a revolutionary artist and performer.

Joseph Sullivan

Joseph Sullivan is from Rockaway Park, New York. He intends to major in English. Sullivan began listening to rap as a way of understanding a culture different from his own. When assigned a paper on the relationship between language and power, he saw an opportunity to explore the medium’s enduring power.

Katharine Richardson

Katharine Richardson is passionate about musical theater and the arts. She was first introduced to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s work in high school when she performed in a production of In the Heights. With Hamilton, Richardson believes that Miranda has created both an artistic achievement and a force for social change.

Nijun Xie

Nijun Xie cares deeply about this topic because she’s from China. In researching this essay, she found that few public officials addressed the lived realities of most Chinese people. In writing this essay, she enjoyed sharing this social issue with her professor and colleagues, many of whom were unfamiliar with the one-child policy.

Catherine Imossi

Catherine Imossi grew up in Gladstone, New Jersey. She is currently considering a major in neuroscience. Catherine has interned for the past two summers (2014, 2015) at a biomedical research laboratory, an experience upon which she drew in writing this essay.

Emma Szymanski

Emma Szymanski is from Ridgewood, NJ, and she intends to major in Religious Studies. This paper was assigned as a “Narrative essay about New York values.” It’s a story from her first week at Fordham, during which she was working through difficult transition. With the support of the community at Lincoln Center, she says she has learned a great deal in her first year.