EP 11.0 Writer Bios

Emily Allen

Hailing from Erie, Pennsylvania, Emily Allen is currently an intended international studies major at Fordham University Lincoln Center. She originally composed this paper for a “forgotten symbol of New York City” assignment in her English Composition class. Her chosen topic, the bagel, was inspired by an exhibit at the New York Historical Society Museum, entitled “A Brief History of New York: Selections from A History of New York in 101 Objects.”

Matthew Scheffler

Matthew Scheffler is from Asbury Park, New Jersey, a sandy beach town once widely celebrated as an attractive vacation spot at the turn of the century and immortalized by the songs of Bruce Springsteen. He intends to double-major in communications and the visual arts, concentrating in journalism and photography. He writes that exploring the Upper West Side firsthand made learning about history a tangible and engaging experience.

Aaron Lascano

Aaron Lascano wrote this paper for his Composition II class. Lascano grew interested in writing about the Ukrainian immigrant population of New York after stumbling upon St. George’s Ukrainian Catholic Church during a walk through the East Village. As a second-generation Hispanic-American born and raised in New York City, this history interested him because he was curious about the experiences of a people and culture distinct from his own. The greatest challenge of this assignment was locating sources which provided the details he sought, but once he found them, his paper benefited all the more for it.

Max Prybyla

For an essay assignment on taboos, Maxym Prybyla chose to write about the word “gay” because of how his personal definition of the word had changed in his life. He explored his relationship with the word and connected his experiences to those of American adolescents nationwide.

Katie Moran

Katie Moran grew up in New Jersey before attending Fordham University. Her academic studies have focused on race, gender, sexuality, culture, performance, and religion. Looking at Audre Lorde’s Zami: A New Spelling of My Name, this essay scopes identity formation and fragmentation during the early 1950s through the lenses of sexuality, race, and gender.

Brooke Cantwell

Brooke Cantwell is a rising sophomore from Greenwich, Connecticut who is currently planning on studying Neuroscience. She chose this topic because she felt that it was an element of the book that she hadn’t seen analyzed yet and that this essay presented an opportunity to explore it.  The hardest part of this essay was wrapping her head around all of the contradictions present in the character she decided to work with.

Sarah Nelson

Sarah Nelson is a rising sophomore from Atlanta, Georgia. She wrote this paper for her Texts & Contexts class. The focus of the class was on dreaming in literature. Her professor encouraged her to take an off-handed comment she made in class about the role of dreaming in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and to shape her final paper around it. As a Psychology major, she ended up focusing on the role of the human subconscious.

George Miscamble

George Miscamble manages a creative agency that represents photographers and artists for commercial commissions. This paper was the culmination of a semester of English Comp II. He enjoyed having the opportunity to fuse many of these different ideas into one paper under the guise of conceptual 1980’s photography, and most specifically, through the examination of Sherrie Levine’s After Walker Evans. It was an enlightening process for him to re-approach some of his existing ideas and beliefs about photography and art in a college paper.