EP 10.0 Writer Bios

Kiran Singh

I am a 19-year-old South African who jumped ship out of Johannesburg and came to America. I want to be a writer when I grow up, but I worry that I might already be grown. So I’m not wasting any time. I wrote this paper for my Composition II course.

Brilynn Rakes

I was born and raised in the small town of Visalia, which is located in central California. I was born visually impaired. I am legally blind, color blind, light sensitive, and have a rare eye disease called Nystagmus. Despite the many obstacles I faced growing up, I managed to excel in my passion, dance. Throughout my dance training and progression I have defied many odds and proved that I can achieve my life’s dream of becoming a professional dancer. My paper is centered on the idea that anyone can achieve greatness and live to their full potential with hard work, determination, and passion. I narrowed in on the visually impaired community because I know first hand how difficult it can be to fight for your dreams when discouragement takes over. My goal was persuade readers to shed discouragement and “Live in the Light.” I enjoyed writing this essay because the topic is intertwined with my personal situation. In the composition of the essay I struggled with the organization. I wanted to create the biggest impact and had to shift my sections around a few times to get it just right.

Terry Zeng

I was a freshman when I wrote this piece for Professor Hallberg’s Composition II class. The writing assignment was to write a personal narrative about an event that impacted my life intensely. My inspiration came from writing essays about true-life events. I credit my success to Professor Hallberg for teaching us how to write an outline before actually starting a paper; planning the outline step by step before you start writing can ensure that every part of the paper is distributed equally and is fully conveyed. I think the interesting part of this assignment was that we had to brainstorm a common theme to convey through out the whole essay, and for my paper I chose food.

Cathlene Centeno

This paper was written by Cathlene Centeno for Professor Bly’s English Composition course. The assignment was to discuss suggested values in a commercial advertisement. The essay was developed through much replaying, editing, rewriting, and reviewing sources, with the help of Professor Bly and the Writing Center, who are thanked for their support.

Cristina Ferretti

I am a rising sophomore at Fordham College Lincoln Center, and I wrote this essay during the first semester of my freshman year. The prompt for this essay forced me to take a step back from social media and decide whether or not it has a positive or negative effect on society. This posed a challenge because our generation uses social media on a daily basis. I truly believe this was one of the most challenging papers I have ever been assigned, but it made me realize the importance of face-to-face interaction.

Miguel Santa Maria

My name is Miguel Santa Maria and I am a rising sophomore attending Fordham College at Lincoln Center. My main interests include exercising, reading, travelling, writing, helping the needy, and making good money. For a social injustice paper in English Composition II, I wrote about the direct relationship between fast-food subsidies and American obesity levels. I chose this topic after I observed that a single bell pepper offered at Trader Joe’s cost more than a single burger offered at McDonald’s.

Ben Moore

I am a rising sophomore and a New Media and Digital Design major. I currently work in Fordham’s IT Department and as the online editor for the Fordham Observer. This writing assignment from my Composition II course prompted me to select a cultural work and examine how the artist communicates with his/her audience, as well as to me personally. Since I have always been drawn to technology and music, I chose to explore Radiohead’s studio album, OK Computer, as it directly confronts some of the disillusioning effects of technology on the individual.

Jason Boit

My name is Jason Boit and this was the second essay I wrote for my Composition II class, on the broader topic of culture. I am no more interested in art than the average person, though upon coming to New York I found that art’s culture – specifically street art’s culture – became a part of my everyday life. I had always loved the movie Exit Through the Gift Shop and the subtle but powerful message that it conveyed, and when I was instructed to base the essay around a movie or book I thought Banksy’s film to be the perfect place to start.

Margaret Fisher

I am from Sacramento, California and an aspiring writer. At the moment, I am majoring in both English and Natural Science. I come from a large family, and they inspire me to chase my dreams and challenge my boundaries. This piece was my first college essay, a close-reading assignment for my Honors English Seminar class, which explored the relationship between persons, places, and things. I wrote the essay in a whimsical frame of mind, imagining the boundaries between the world and myself as fluid and changeable. So much of our perception of reality depends upon our senses. I see value in testing these senses, remaining open to possibilities beyond what we already know and observe. There is beauty to be found everywhere, whether within an intricately crafted sentence or a single complex cell, and through my future writing, I hope to highlight beauty that might otherwise go unnoticed. A special thank you to Professor Van Wyck for the feedback, and to my wonderful professor and advisor, Shoshana Enelow, who encouraged me to see the world in new ways and helped foster my growing love of the English language.

Kamillah Brandes

I am a currently undecided rising sophomore from London, United Kingdom. The paper was written for my Composition II class with the prompt of showing how a local problem is indicative of a global one. I gleaned my topic from my internal musings on the recurrent casting of Zoe Saldana in popular science fiction films, such as the Star Trek reboots, Avatar, and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Gabbie Liberetti

I am a rising sophomore student at Fordham University from New Jersey. I wrote this essay as a response to my assignment for a final paper in my Texts and Contexts English class, “Does it Get Better: Queer Kids and the Long 20th Century,” taught by Professor Peter Murray. The final paper gave us the ability to write about any topic we chose that connected to the issues we discussed in the class. As an aspiring Communications major with a concentration in Film, I decided to focus on how queer females are portrayed in film why queer women’s representation is an important issue to both the queer community and film as a whole.